• Mini ferris wheel ride

    Mini ferris wheel ride

    This fairy wheel is the mini ferris wheel from Zhengzhou Yueton, 5 colorful cabins can hold 10 players at the same time....

  • 30m High Ferris Wheel Ride

    30m High Ferris Wheel Ride

    Product parametersProduct Name:30m Ferris Wheel RideModel Number:YTW-F002Capacity: 4*18cabins=72 persons.Rated Power:20K...

  • 50m Ferris Wheel Ride

    50m Ferris Wheel Ride

    Product parametersProduct Name:50m Ferris Wheel RideModel Number:YTW-F003Capacity: 4*32cabins=128 persons.Rated Power:60...

  • 42m ferris wheel ride

    42m ferris wheel ride

    Product parametersProduct Name:42m Ferris Wheel RideModel Number:YTW-F003Capacity: 4*24cabins=96 persons.Rated Powe...

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