• Ferris Ring Car

    Ferris Ring Car

    Giant thrilling rides ferri ring ride, also called fire ring rides, is a common amusement park ride. There are two large...

  • big octopus ride

    big octopus ride

    Amusement Octopus Ride is a kind of rotating classic machine which looks like both octopus and dragon. It moves ups and ...

  • Top Spin

    Top Spin

    Top Spin Rides is a kind of giant huge amusement equipment and it is designed according to the running of swing.

  • Kamikaze Rides

    Kamikaze Rides

    Kamikaze rides, also know as banzai rides, is a relatively common rides in modern amusement park. This rides combin the ...

  • Speed-Windmill


    Top Scan amusement ride is a speed fair ride. It just like a giant windmill in the sky, players are sitting on the colum...

  • Disco Tagada

    Disco Tagada

    Spinning amusement park rides disco tagada ride is common amusement equipment, you can find it easily in most amusement ...

  • Energy Storm Ride

    Energy Storm Ride

    Energy storm ride, is a theme park attraction, equipment with 4 or 5 arms and each arm connect with 4 cabins. This funfa...

  • Flying Tower rides

    Flying Tower rides

    flying tower  with various LED lights, this amusement park wind seeker takes to enjoy a fantastic star when night ,bring...

  • Super Miami Trip

    Super Miami Trip

    Super miami trip is a new type of amusement park rides ,it rotates down and up .riding on it you will feel full of happy...

  • 2020 New Theme Park Ride

    2020 New Theme Park Ride

    Product name: Intergalactic policePower: 11kW 380VCapacity: 16 SeatsCover area: 9m × 4.6m high...

  • Free Fall Amusement Ride

    Free Fall Amusement Ride

    Product parametersProduct Name:Free Fall RideModel Number:YTW-TR019Capacity:16PMaterial:FRP & Steel structureCover A...

  • New Speed Windmill Ride

    New Speed Windmill Ride

    Product parametersProduct Name:Speed windmillModel Number:YTW-TR018Capacity:30PMaterial:FRP & Steel structureCover A...

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